Introduction of BALLOON LIGHT LIGHTING [LIGHT N GRIP] KW-06 LIGHT for 16mm, 35mm film and HD Cinematograpy

The innovative design for fast adjustment.
The advanced technology of simulating ambient lights on wide angle view.


- Convertible 2K/4K/6K
- Modeling lamp: 2K (type G22)
- Color Temperature: 3200 Kelvin (+/-200)
- Lamp Housing: G22 type
- Flicker free

1. Wider angle than previous BALLOON LIGHT
2. Easy set up on difficult locations (Stands, Rooftop, Crane)
3. 3200 Kelvin color temperature
4. Flicker free BALLOON LIGHT can be also used for TV commercials, mini series, internet clips, event UCC clips, and industrial construction.


One Touch System:
Other JEMBALL requires frequent lamp replacements because the attached housing shakes the lamps easily by wind or movement of lighting technicians. New [Light and Grip] BALLOON LIGHT improved the lamp life by designing the housing one piece. The gaffers who used this BALLOON LIGHT like this improvement the most.

Additional Support Pipe: Heavy duty on the big impacts or small vibrations.

Horizontal Lamp Holder: Older BALLOON LIGHT lost a lot of brightness because of vertical lamp holder system. The lighting technicians angled them towards sky or sideways to correct the directions. The new horizontal lamp holder design gives brighter F stops because the light shines straight from the lamp on the right angle. Also the simpler and stronger horizontal base design helps more resistant to any shakiness.

Hard-anodizing: We use H2SO4 solvent with low temperature electrolytic characteristics of aluminum alloy to create the solid surface. This surface is more corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and energy efficient. The process changes aluminum surface to alumina ceramic by electric and chemical process. Alumina ceramic is stronger than steel. The surface has more scratch endurance than hard chrome coating. And the surface doesn't come off because it is not a coating. Alumina ceramic surface has electrical insulation of 1500 volt. This process is commonly used for high tech surfaces ( airplanes, industrial machine parts, computer chips)


We use 20mm aluminum pipe to eliminate exposed cables. The result is safer for users and longer cable life.

We try our best to improve the products based on industry professional's experiences. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.